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    At Sakari, we offer a comprehensive development life cycle to catapult your business to a whole new level.

    Looking to jumpstart your new app idea or reinvigorate your online presence? We’re happy to offer our services.

About sakari


who we are:

We’re a Montreal-based startup providing robust digital services that bring apps and websites to life. No matter the industry, we have the innovative development tools to help you carve out a distinct identity in a crowded market and keep you at the cutting edge.

Our projects

We’ve been working on some exciting new projects, including a kids’ activity resource as well as a game-changing business process management application.

Our Services


Web & App Development

Our team offers cross-platform app and web development services, emphasizing a coherent and responsive user experience. For more information, click below:

Tools & Technologies

Dev Stack

Our full stack developers provide state of the art web development services, working with the latest tools to ensure a secure, high-performing experience. Our development stack focuses on:

  • * MVC development frameworks
  • * Docker containers for quick and efficient deployments
  • * Cloud or on-site deployments depending on your business needs

Responsive Design

Our projects are designed to function across all platforms, offering a highly responsive, fluid user experience on any device and screen size.

Process & Delivery


Using Agile methodologies to tackle each project as effectively as possible, our approach to development is fast and flexible. With an emphasis on maintaining a steady, constant pace, our sustainable process allows us to easily adapt to any changing requirements and continually deliver quality software.

To ensure quality and cohesion, we manage the entire life-cycle of a project which includes: Planning, Analysis, Design, Roadmap Management, Code Development, Delivery, and Maintenance.


Short & Long-Term Goals

Our team at Sakari is motivated and ambitious, working toward becoming a leader in business project management, offering SOC2-compliant software for highly secure cloud deployments in order to meet the needs of all of our clients.

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