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Ghassan El-Onsi

G's passion for all things tech and digital led him to co-found Sakari, using his years in the ever-changing dental field as a reference point for the kinds of innovations necessary to boost productivity and create a more fluid working experience.

When he’s not performing surgery or finding new ways to propel Sakari’s growth, you can typically find Ghassan at home being bossed around by his son.

Ghassan El-Onsi
Anny Nehme

Anny Nehme

Co-founder Anny’s expertise in business model efficiency and project management has led her to develop a keen analytical eye, which has proved instrumental in guiding Sakari toward a streamlined future with an emphasis on efficiency and proper organization.

When she’s not in the office listening to four-hour conference calls that could have just been an email, Anny enjoys encouraging her son to continue bossing Ghassan around.

Ali Harb

Ali's combination of development and team management experience have made him the perfect choice to spearhead Sakari’s projects. His focus on maintaining a sustainable process throughout a project’s life-cycle ensures that the entire team at Sakari has a solid foundation from which to perform at their absolute best.

Ali is essentially Sakari’s code king, always keeping himself up to date on the latest technologies and processes in order to coach his team as proficiently as possible. Occasionally, he even finds a five minute window to get some sleep.

Ali Harb

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